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LFSW Connection Statistics

The table below shows how many unique users (identified by registered usernames) were connected to LFS servers in various past periods, reaching from several minutes to several weeks. Licensed or demo status is based on server type where the user is seen. As soon as a user appears on an S2 server, je is considered licensed, until that time he is considered being a demo user.

Unique users connected in the past minutes or hours
Unique users connected in the past days or weeks

L+D on line one means licensed plus demo people, T-D on line two means total minus difference to previous column total. If under 1h there is 500+700, it means 500 licensed and 700 demo people connected to a server in the last hour. If there is 1200-400 on the second line, it means there were total of 1200 connected people in the last hour (=500+700), of which 400 do not fall into previous column category, in this case meaning they disconnected more than 30 minutes ago.

LFSW Users and Servers

The following chart shows number of people connected to demo servers (lighter, lower part) and to licensed servers (darker, upper part) for the past 24 hours. The green line represents number of used demo servers (with at least one connected user) multiplied by 10 while the red line provides the same info about running and used licensed servers.

Servers and users

Note that the coloured lines show number of servers multiplied by ten in the chart vertical axis scale. That means if a red line is close to 400, there are actually 40 licensed serves used, with at least one connection. The same applies to the green line, but it concerns actively used demo servers.

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