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The Airio World (AIRW) is a set of database tables and scripts extending functionality of the much more sophisticated LFS World (LFSW). Airio PROS version 2.4.2 or newer with additional path files is performing special checks and sending lap data to AIRW for processing. AIRW stores the data and may respond with certain messages shown back on server.

AIRW Personal Clean Laps

The personal clean laps table shows the same data as the best laps table, only from individual drivers' perspective and not from track/car perspective. Both tables are linked, so you can quickly take a look from both angles. Lower part of this table shows clean laps on custom tracks or in custom cars, also sorted.


Track/car combos by track name : [HR]Fede乛
#TrackCarSplit 1Split 2Split 3Lap timeDate CLRankServer
1AS1XFG0:34.161:03.7812.05.2015245/ GTI
2AS1RXFG0:27.141:03.9728.12.201792/160(FM) GTi Thursday
3AS2XFG0:43.571:21.7319.10.201910/421!!Banda ARG S2
4AS2XRG0:43.631:21.9302.09.2018252/395!B2R Rotate GTi
5AS2RXFG0:36.831:23.0309.06.201582/ GTI
6AS7XFG0:25.010:57.331:47.712:33.3530.08.2018100/137(FM) GTi Thursday
7BL1FBM0:23.650:52.831:12.8921.10.2014629/878[AA] Blackwood FBM
8BL1XFG0:29.881:06.761:33.3219.02.2015200/1073![AMG] GTi MotorSport
9BL1XRG0:29.911:06.541:33.3228.07.2014508/1099[AA] Blackwood GTI
10FE3XFG0:22.691:05.231:43.3110.04.201987/560(FM) GTi Thursday
11KY1XRG0:19.480:55.4404.06.2015440/ GTI
12KY2XFG0:41.681:30.752:15.2822.05.201844/686!B2R Rotate GTi
13KY2XRG0:41.591:30.912:15.2502.09.2018366/595!B2R Rotate GTi
14SO1MRT0:27.380:50.3420.04.201965/68!!Banda ARG S2
15SO1XFG0:31.080:57.3915.10.201938/313!!Banda ARG S2
16SO1RXFG0:20.420:58.7327.12.2017131/170(FM) GTi Thursday
17SO2RMRT0:39.160:55.5323.04.20197/18!!Banda ARG S2
18SO2RXFG0:45.971:05.1509.06.201575/ GTI
19SO3MRT0:23.390:39.0724.04.201917/17!!Banda ARG S2
20SO4XFG0:34.801:19.282:04.9509.06.2018195/472!B2R Rotate GTi
21SO5MRT0:30.600:53.331:26.5125.04.201945/103!!Banda ARG S2
22SO6XFG0:39.271:23.2505.04.20197/664!!Banda ARG S2
23SO6XRG0:39.221:23.6901.06.2015194/ GTI
24SO6RXFG0:43.021:23.3206.06.201897/414!B2R Rotate GTi
25SO6RXRG0:43.261:23.3220.01.2018196/331!B2R Rotate GTi
26KY2FX20:31.631:08.671:42.3828.02.2016530/ S3
27WE1FX20:34.580:54.441:33.2709.08.201519/46!B2R Online Racing S2
Total number of records : 27

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