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The following table summarizes input data used to get driver's LFS Experience Index and shows the resulting component indexes. All the indexes are highly regressive, meaning the higher the input data the lower the possible gains. Variability in tracks and cars is required to get good evaluation, although travelled distance and other volume data are also necessary.

Calculation details

LFS experience index details
UsernameExperience levelTracks | lapsCars | lapsPodiums | races
firestorm97LFS Legend Class A25 | 17,375 @ BL120 | 27,011 @ FZR1304-1443-1243 | 7219
Total indexTracks indexCars indexRaces index
LFS Legend Class A          898.37 + 1.63 = 900.00          LFS Supreme Class D
NicknameTotal lapsDistance (km)Online PBsHotlap PBs
Z30 Jo115,721538,8592-1-58-65-430-0-0-0-0
Last serverDistance indexHotlaps indexIndex update
Zone 30 #1193.762103.61808.02.2011 20:51

The table explained

Most of the above fields should be self-explaining. The three Podium numbers show wins, 2nds and 3rds, while Races are simply races finished. Online and Hotlap PBs show the count of recorded best lap times falling into five ranges related to current WR: Within 0.5% (left number), up to 1%, up to 2% (middle number), up to 3% and not worse than 4% (right number). Using these data it should be obvious why someone has higher/lower index than yourself and in what ways the index may be improved.

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