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The Airio World (AIRW) is a set of database tables and scripts extending functionality of the much more sophisticated LFS World (LFSW). Airio PROS version 2.4.2 or newer with additional path files is performing special checks and sending lap data to AIRW for processing. AIRW stores the data and may respond with certain messages shown back on server.

AIRW Best Laps [!bls]

The best online laps table is a cross between LFSW online and offline best lap time tables. For a lap time to be stored here the lap must be clean, meaning defined race path must be kept and there also must be no other cars in vicinity during the whole lap. Improvements are reported back to the server.

Track:     Car:

Best clean lap times : FE4+FXR < 2:20.37
#Username/NicknameSplit 1Split 2Split 3Lap timeDate/Server
0:47.771:26.311:40.602:17.6127.05.2012 14:28
B2R Online Racing
0:47.751:26.491:40.992:17.8631.10.2014 18:05
MaksNet & SERT S2
R4F Cyborg
0:47.641:27.711:42.132:18.8227.05.2014 19:36
CILFS2014 1
A.K.r. Rizzo
0:47.671:27.991:42.372:19.7019.05.2014 18:18
CILFS2014 1
5m 51352
Z30 Michael
0:49.021:28.271:42.982:20.2914.04.2011 20:08
Zone 30 #1
Total number of records : 5

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