Autio LFS Statistics

What is Autio

Autio represents a set of ASP.NET pages connected to SQL Server database importing and displaying various racing statistics gathered and stored by the Airio LFS Tracker instances, where LFS stands for Live for Speed, a very realistic online racing simulator. Airio is an application using LFS server data for many purposes – e.g. it stores lots of data about drivers, such as best lap times or points. Autio accepts or imports the data and sorts and displays them using various criteria incorporated on several pages. All the pages are available using button links below.

Airio World

The Airio World (AIRW) is a set of database tables and scripts extending functionality of the much more sophisticated LFS World (LFSW). Airio PROS version 2.4.2 or newer with additional path files is performing special checks and sending lap data to AIRW for processing. AIRW stores the data and may respond with certain messages shown back on server. The LFS Experience Index is a single number representing driver's abilities. Currently it is calculated by Airio FULL and PROS version 2.3.6 or newer using only LFS World available data.

LFSW People  LFS Experience

AIRW BL Times  AIRW CL Times  AIRW PB Times

AIRW Custom Cars

Airio World includes best lap times made in special and popular restricted car types. Such cars are slower than the standard ones, because of limited intake air or added mass, but they are more controllable which often results in much better racing experience. At present the following custom cars are supported: FX2 (FXR, 23%), XR2 (XRR, 24%), FZ2 (FZR, 20%), XFX (XFG, 20%), XRX (XRG, 20%), FBX (FBM, 20%), UFB (UFR, 45%), FJR (FO8, 20%, 70kg). New custom cars can be added.

Airio Servers

While AIRW is using online data as they are available, this part of Autio allows browsing through offline and regularly updated stats of any Airio FULL version instance (if the owner is interested and provides a simple set of usable FTP connection data). The associated pages contain virtually everything that Airio stores and thus give and excellent overview of individual servers.

Update: Unfortunately these services proved to be too resource-expensive on the server, eating too much memory, CPU power, and database space, so they had to be suspended. Only AirAttack statistics remained stored, currently not updated, later maybe updated but not more than once a day. Apologies to everyone using these experimental features.

AirAttack Demo 

Displaying data

All the information is shown in unified tables. Each table has a main heading specifying what data it displays, such as track/car combo or summarized values. Column headers describe fields (values) of individual records. Many column headers are clickable and the click causes sort of the table by the particular field.

Below the main header and column headers are the actual records, each in one row and with values split into columns. Some of the values are clickable, they may be represented by a slightly different colour. Tables are closed by a paging row, because there is a maximum number of rows or records displayed at once.

Paging rows say how many records are available and when appropriate they also contain links for moving forward and backwards by one or more pages and for moving to the first or last record respectively.

Some pages show track and car selection dropdown lists. When you select a track, the cars list will include only car types with some data stored. There are also username boxes available. Simply type a username you're interested in and press enter. The table will shift and display the required driver approximately in its middle, if available and possible.

Moving around

You can move between pages using the above navigation buttons or by clicking on certain displayed values. Clicking on username (registered) will always move you to the page of personal statistics (or usernames) that may be considered the heart of the site with links to all other pages. On this page click on first letter of the name you want to show (e.g. your registered name) and then select the whole name from dropdown list.

Clicking on values in the top table will show your position in various summarized categories, e.g. by total laps, safety rating, total points or championship points. Values in the second table will point you to other pages displaying e.g. server best laps and total or championship points, podiums, race times. Each such table can be sorted by other criteria. Overall, try clicking around a bit, the pages and tables are logically interlinked, you should have no problems finding your way around the many available categories.

Returning somewhere

Did you find a table that is interesting for you? Did you sort the table by the criteria you want and now need an easy way to always get back to the same display? No problem! All the links between tables are by design defined as GET HTTP requests with parameters displayed in the browser's address bar. You can bookmark such addresses and then you'll be able to jump right to the page display you're interested in. And from any page you can always display all the other pages and tables. Enjoy!

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